Chrissy Teigen shows off her belly full of bandages after undergoing surgery

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Publish Date : 2021-02-12 05:47:02
Chrissy Teigen shows off her belly full of bandages after undergoing surgery

Chrissy Teigen 'shows off' her belly full of bandages after undergoing surgery
On the video uploaded via Instagram Story, Chrissy Teigen shows her condition which looks lethargic. But he assures fans that he is okay.
Chrissy Teigen recently shared a video showing her body condition. Through her Instagram Story, the 35-year-old model shared footage of herself after undergoing a surgical procedure to treat abnormalities caused by uterine tissue growing outside the uterus.

In the first video, he first shows himself lying on a hospital bed wearing a special surgical outfit. "Endometriosis surgery please end this pain lol lol lol," he wrote.

Then next, he shared a video when he was lying at home in front of the television. Even though his condition looked sluggish, he assured fans that he was fine.

"I'm fine, I'm home now," he said, touching his stomach, which had a lot of bandages from the operation. "Everything is numb."

It doesn't stop there. In the next video, he is seen opening a box of donuts and eating one of them. He was sure that he would be fine.
"I think I'll ... I'll usually be really good afterward," the model continued. "This one's pretty tough."

Furthermore, he said that at this time his stomach was still numb. However, this condition will usually only last for a few days later.

"What makes it difficult is when I have to cough a little and all," he said again. "But it's really still better than contractions and endo pain."

The day before, Chrissy had made a tweet saying that she was going to undergo surgery immediately following the miscarriage she experienced in September 2020. He also reminisced that his "baby" was supposed to be born this week.
My little Jack will be born this week, so I'm a little worried, "Teigen wrote via Twitter, Wednesday (3/2)." I really feel a sensation in my stomach, but it's not a shadow. I'm having surgery for endometriosis tomorrow.

biography Chrissy Teigen
Model, Actress
The original name
Christine Diane Teigen
Nov 30, 1985
Born in
Delta, Utah, United States
Model, Actress
Received "Rookie Of The Year" From Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's (2010)

Slowly Recovering, Chrissy Teigen Calling Her Miscarriage Now Help Himself Toward Peace
Chrissy Teigen is known to have had a miscarriage and lost her baby after weeks of pregnancy complications. Since then, she's been very open about her journey to healing.
Last September, Chrissy Teigen was found to have had a miscarriage and lost her baby. This happened after weeks of pregnancy complications for which she was hospitalized. Since then, he has been very open about his journey to healing.

The wife of singer John Legend also shared the changes in her life. From quitting alcohol to admitting her biggest regret about the miscarriage, she's shared all the joys and sorrows and touched countless people with similar experiences along the way.

The 35-year-old model has now opened up more about her journey to recover from a loss on an episode of “The Ellen Show”. She admits that it is very difficult to go through her days after a miscarriage, especially when she sees the things she prepared for her baby.

"I checked my closet, and there were maternity clothes, things I bought for the eighth month and the ninth month," he said. "So it's hard because he's going to be born this week, so you guys look at those things, and you have reminders constantly."
But she says being Thai and growing up in a home that is so open about loss has helped her to realize that it can be a wonderful thing. "It was a very transformative thing for me and on the one hand, it really saved me," he said.

"I didn't think that I would find therapy, and then peace of mind, and a way to feel good about myself and feel like a new person," he explained, adding that he also expressed the amount of support he gets from people around him when going through difficult times.

"You think of all the people who go through it in silence, and you become very sad for them. We are very open, so many people are very supportive. You really get this great empathy. And I really think I am a more personable person. well now. And I just have the best support system ever, "he continued.

The cookbook author also loves the way her two young children, whom she shares with husband John Legend, talk about Jack. "We'll go to the beach or something, and they'll say, 'Is baby Jack with us now? Do you think he's in the clouds?' Very beautiful and sweet, "he concluded.

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