How Can I Change Avast Login Account Password

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How Can I Change Avast Login Account Password

Avast antivirus secures your device and keeps you safe on the internet. Avast antivirus has free antivirus as well as the paid plans for you. If you want good protection on the internet and need a firewall and other tools then purchase a paid Avast antivirus for your computer. When you get a premium Avast plan, all details are saved on the Avast account. You can access your Avast account on any device and check your antivirus status. You only need to enter your email address and Avast antivirus password then you can access the account easily.

Changing Avast Login Account Password

You should change the password of your Avast antivirus regularly to prevent any kind of hacking or data-theft issues. Here are the steps for changing the Avast password:

Changing password with Avast dashboard

  1. Open the PC and click on the Avast icon

  2. Avast dashboard will be displayed

  3. Click on the Privacy tab (left pane)

  4. Go to the Passwords

  5. Choose Change Password

  6. Enter the current password

  7. Now type a new password

Click on the Confirm button. Now you can access your Avast antivirus with a new password.

Changing Avast antivirus password with Account

If you want to change the Avast password from another device then you can use the Avast account. 

  1. Open your device and open internet browser

  2. Search for Avast antivirus

  3. Go to Avast site and click on My Account

  4. A login page will be displayed

  5. Enter the registered email address

  6. Type the Password 

  7. Tap the Login button

  8. Your Avast account page will be displayed

  9. Now go to the Privacy tab

  10. Click on Password

  11. Select Reset Avast Password and delete my data option

  12. Tap Delete option

  13. Choose Get Started button

  14. Now type a new password for Avast

  15. Re-type the new password for confirmation

Hit the Submit button and now your password has been changed.

Restoring your Avast antivirus password

If the user has forgotten the password of his Avast antivirus then he can restore it by using the registered email address. But make sure you still use the email address you have provided while signing in to Avast. Follow the mentioned steps for restoring the Avast antivirus:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Avast website

  2. Click on Account (right-hand side)

  3. Type the registered email address

  4. Now click on Forgot Password 

  5. The Avast password recovery page will be displayed

  6. Type the email address

  7. Hit the Continue button

  8. Open the email account (which is registered to Avast)

  9. Open the email you have received from Avast

  10. Hit the Reset Password button

Now type a new password and click on the Continue button. After completing the process; you can access the Avast antivirus account with your new password easily.

The Avast antivirus login issues mostly appear when the user is transferring the license or making some changes to the Avast antivirus. Sometimes users want to disable or uninstall Avast antivirus when the antivirus is conflicting or blocking some program. If you are using the free plan of Avast antivirus then uninstall it. You can easily reinstall it when needed. But if you are using the premium plan, disabling the plan is a better choice as you can easily enable it anytime. 

How to disable Avast antivirus?

  1. Go to the desktop and hover the mouse to the taskbar

  2. Right-click on your Avast icon (orange icon)

  3. From the options, click on Avast shields control

Now click on the time for how long you want to disable it. An Avast confirmation Wizard will appear on your screen. Tap the Yes button and your Avast antivirus will be disabled. Now open the file or site you want to access. After completing the work, enable the Avast antivirus. Disabling the Avast is not a good choice as it makes your computer vulnerable to threats. Run Avast antivirus system scan to remove all the dangerous viruses and malware from your computer.


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