A brief guide on fiber cables for lighting and decorations

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A brief guide on fiber cables for lighting and decorations

Fiber optic cables are well-known and popular for communication purposes. They are responsible for the transmission of the signal from one end to the other end in a limited time without bringing changes to the signal strength and value. They are also useful for illumination and decoration purposes; these fiber cables are responsible for changing the look and appearance of our rooms, hotels, restaurants, and whatnot. Based on the nature and point of light emission in fiber cable, there are various types of fiber optic light emitting cables.

Below are some of the fiber optic cables that we can use for illumination and decoration purposes.

  • End emitting fiber
  • Side emitting fiber
  • Multi-strand side glow cables
  • Multi-strand end glow cables
  • Glow cables

Dig deep into this article to get familiar with fiber optics applications for decorations and lighting and why to prefer fiber over other cables for this purpose.

Top 4 applications of fiber for lighting and decorations

Whenever we get the idea of decorating an object, the first thing that comes to our mind is lighting. But due to safety issues, it becomes difficult for us to use electrical equipment more for lighting purposes. Fiber optic cables are the safest resources to decorate objects and buildings by using various fiber types.

The following are the applications of fiber optic cables for various objects and elements.

1. Illuminated swimming pools

For making the swimming pools look fancier and attractive, people make use of lighting in them. These lightings are installed on the swimming pool floors and the walls. There are no safety issues with these decorative illuminations and lights as they use fiber optic glass cables which are less conductive due to the protective material around them. You can acquire the services of fiber optic cable Dubai located firms to install and maintain fiber cables and give a beautiful and jaw-dropping touch to your swimming pools.

2. Decorative ceilings

For providing a beautiful touch to the ceilings and rooftops, fiber optic cables are the best choice. You will see more restaurants, cinemas, hotels, clubs, homes and other buildings with more decorative ceilings. They do this by using various color combinations of fiber cables and illuminate the roof with a touch of dark rooms. These decorative ceilings are getting more popular than simple and plain tops.

3. In museums

For making the objects and elements more attractive in a museum, fiber optic cables are the best choice to illuminate and decorate them. These cables are not only beneficial for decorative purposes, but they are also important to improve the security system like security appliances and equipment in a museum. Security alarms and cameras mostly use fiber optic cables.

4. In bars

Bars and clubs always look fancier, and they have variations of lights everywhere, from the roof to floors.  The shelves for placing liquors and drinks at the bar also use fancy lights to make them look fancier and attractive.

Top 4 reasons for using fiber in decorative and illuminating objects/ purposes

The use of fiber cable for decorative and lighting purposes is increasing, and there are some solid reasons and benefits behind their use. Apart from fiber cables being reliable and efficient for signal transmission, they also carry benefits for other purposes.

The following are the best reasons for using fiber optic cables for decorative and lighting services.

1. Less hazardous

As we discussed above that, we can use fiber for illuminating and decorating the swimming pool floors and other relevant surfaces because these cables are less disastrous and cause no harm to human lives or the material.

2. No heat issues

Fiber cables do not create heat issues due to light energy. The material and the protective layers on the fiber make them fewer heat conductors and emitters. That is why fiber preferable to decorate and light objects and elements that are heat sensitive.

3. Color variations

Using fiber cables, you can achieve various colors of lights. These multiple colors make objects and places look more beautiful. For example, you can use varying shades of lights for decorating a Christmas tree or parks.

4. Easy maintenance

Using glass and plastic fiber for decorations and illumination makes the maintenance of the cables very easier. The only thing you need to care about while maintaining these cables is being gentle and careful to avoid the wires' damage. Hire the fiber optic cable Dubai located firms to perform fiber cable maintenance and installation activities without causing injuries to the fiber cable.

Illuminate your surroundings with the right fiber cable

Decorate and illuminate your surroundings, offices, and rooms using the variants of fiber optic cables specified for lighting purposes.  Fiber cables are of various kinds and features, as explained in the introductory part of this article. They give illumination and lighting at multiple ends and parts of the cable. To get desired decorations and lighting, make sure you use the right cable and the right people for its installation and maintenance.

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