Impact & abrasion resistance of motorcycle riding pants-

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Publish Date : 2021-02-22 13:04:35
Impact & abrasion resistance of motorcycle riding pants-

Motorcycle riding pants are either leather or textiles with built-in armors to protect your lower body from accidents. Many women riders find it difficult to decide what kind of motorcycle riding pants would be beneficial to buy. According to the tests done by professionals, textiles offered a considerable amount of protection and did not fall apart in two or three crashes, but the winner of that protection game is leather pants because of their thickness. But the thing is, both of these materials have their own characteristics, weakness, and strengths and both are beneficial materials to make motorcycle riding pants and other motorcycle gear items.

Here are some of the features of both of these materials that might help you ladies in finding a pair of most appropriate motorcycle riding pants for women.


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Protection- Leather is thicker and offers much more abrasion and heat resistance and would not melt out from the heat as well as tolerate multiple crashes. The protection a motorcycle riding pants offers also depends on how good the stitching is other than material and thickness, and if you consider buying Kevlar or Cordura lined riding pants, check the stitching thoroughly before buying.


Upkeep- Cordura/Kevlar lined motorcycle riding pants for women or men will be fine after a normal wash but for the maintenance of leather pants, you would require a leather conditioner or other repairing products otherwise it will decline.


Cost- leather riding pants could be expensive to buy and textiles motorcycle riding pants are obviously cheaper than leather. A high-quality Cordura lined motorcycle riding pants for women have double layers of Kevlar in the knees and butt sides and also have armor pockets or fixed armor in these impact zones. So, you could have a cheaper but worthy pair of motorcycle riding pants.


Weather conditions- Cordura-lined motorcycle riding pants wins the game here. Unlike leather pants that would soak rainwater, could be saggy, and couldn’t be worn in summers, textile riding pants have air vents for the circulation of air in summers, liners to keep your legs warm, water-proof, and are much lighter in weight than leather.


Comfort- It’s totally up to you to decide which material motorcycle riding pants are more comfortable. Generally, denim motorcycle riding pants for women are good if you want to ride comfortably and casually while leather gives you a fancy look. I suggest you try both of them and choose your comfort.

So, choose your motorcycle riding pants on the basis of your riding style and the surroundings you wish to ride around, and also the fitting should be right.

Fitting plays a very important role as the best motorcycle riding pants wouldn’t be beneficial if they slip around and displace the armor from the impact areas. Different manufacturers have different designs and sizes and before buying look at their size charts especially if you are buying online.


Wrap up-


In the conclusion of choosing the right pair of motorcycle riding pants, I would like to add some more points about how the best motorcycle riding pants look like,

  • Bendable armor in the knee and hip, and flexplates around knees and waist for comfort
  • Double and triple stitching with strong strand
  • Lined with Kevlar or other aramid fibers and a heavier denims

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