Which are the causes of bladder problems? How do they cause pain in the bladder?

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Which are the causes of bladder problems? How do they cause pain in the bladder?

Which are the causes of bladder problems? How do they cause pain in the bladder?


Bladder pain is something that people find difficult to endure because the pain is severe and at the same time it is an indication that something worse has gone with your bladder. According to an expert Urologist in Ludhiana, the bladder is that crucial organ of our body without which there will be no proper system for the body that can help you to do away with the waste fluid. And if this fluid keeps on accumulating in the body owing to the disfigured and malfunctioning bladder, then it will come up as kidney stones. Kidney stone treatment in Amritsar is carried out by opting the enhanced treatment measures and procedures.


  • Which are the commonly encountered major causes of bladder pain?


Subsequent causes are considered as the most prominent causes of bladder pain:


  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Bladder Cancer


  • What is the connotation of interstitial cystitis?


Interstitial cystitis is a peculiar situation in which the bladder particularly suffers from severe inflammation and irritation. The reader might be thinking about the consequence of the inflammation, then inflammation is not a good condition because it makes the bladder stiff which prevents it from expanding to the ultimate limit that is required for the bladder to get filled with the full volume of urine.


  • Which are the predominant causes for interstitial cystitis from coming to origin?


Ensuing reasons account for the emergence of interstitial cystitis:


  • Damaged Bladder lining
  • Trauma to the bladder
  • Spinal cord injury


  • Which is the main symptom of Interstitial cystitis?

The prominent symptom because of which everybody guesses that it might be the problem IC is the extreme pain that is experienced when the bladder is getting filled and emptied.


  • How does the individual get afflicted with infections in the urinary tract?

As we know that the urinary tract is customarily considered sterile but once in a while owing to some adverse situations some kind of bacteria enters the urethra which is an organ that is accountable for joining the bladder with the external body. It is relevant to mention here that the urinary tract can harm any organ which is a constituent of the urinary tract:


  • Bladder
  • Ureters
  • Urethra
  • Kidneys


  • How does bladder cancer contribute to the pain of the bladder?

As the tumour can be formed in any part of the body, nevertheless it can be found emerging in the bladder as well. Cancerous conditions are never welcoming and pleasant, so pain is the thing that is natural and ordinary to be encountered in such cases.


  • Which are the symptoms that indicate that your bladder might be oppressed with the tumour?


The following symptoms indicate that your bladder might be oppressed with a tumour of some kind:


  • The emergence of bloody urine
  • Pain whilst urinating
  • Tedious urine passing



No matter whether the pain is associated with a bladder problem or not, but it is advised never to take the pain of any kind lightly and visit an experienced doctor at your earliest

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