Why we are one of the best cbse affiliated school in Noida

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Why we are one of the best cbse affiliated school in Noida

Founded in 2002, the Global Indian International School has come a long way from its roots to be a leading provider of education to Noida residents and its surroundings. The school offers educational programs for children from the Montessori level all the way to grade 12. Our curriculum features two accredited programs: The Global Montessori Program (GMP) and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). To date, over twenty thousand students have passed through our doors and moved on to pursue further education from our network of affiliate universities.

However, we pride ourselves on being amongst the best school in Noida. Here are a few reasons why we are ahead of the park.

1.       Holistic Development of Students

We go beyond academic excellence. Students at our campus also participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that help them develop as all-round individuals. A similar emphasis is on sports excellence, where pupils participate in various sports and club activities. The students participate in allocated groups that foster life skills such as friendship, teamwork, and competition, essential for life after school.

Participation in these activities is mandatory, and a student needs to enrol in at least two of these programs as they attend the school year. Clubs with expert patrons also exist as part of the holistic development program. Activities include drama, debate, cooking, and technology. Our focus on STEM also ensures that we prepare students with transferable skills to embrace life with technology. Those who excel receive extra coaching to develop these skills further and participate in regional and national competitions.

Students are also encouraged to take charge of their individual development through inclusive programs that develop their social responsibility and self-management skills. Our holistic program focuses on nine main pillars:

·         Academic Excellence

·         Visual and performing arts

·         Entrepreneurship and Leadership

·         Personality Development

·         Sports excellence

·         Innovation and creativity

·         Universal values and skills

·         Community and care

·         Skills development

The above models are collectively known as the 9 GEMS model, which is patented and unique to GIIS schools worldwide.

2.       We may be local but think global

Our education practitioners are continually looking for better ways to interact with students to offer quality education. There is the constant collaboration with our sister schools worldwide, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve with global trends. Our virtual education programs ensure that students can interact with their peers and exchange ideas, making us one interconnected community. The transfer program allows students to attend any of our global campuses to widen their interaction and experience different cultures.

3.       Our facilities are out of this world

The school features dedicated spaces for each activity. Our learning complex includes sections for each of the various school levels and purpose-specific rooms that cater to the needs of the student population. The entire campus sits on an area measuring 20,440 square meters, meeting there is enough space for indoor and outdoor activities at the premises.

The design provides easy access for the attendees and enables maximum interaction with natural elements for optimal physical well-being and health. Most of the buildings have green certification, acting as a live example for the children to cater to the environment. Among the facilities located on the campus are:

  • The Montessori Library is equipped with the latest literature to ensure the little ones are up to date with their education.

  • An audio-visual room where the children can interact with fellow students from different campuses around the world. It also acts as an alternative teaching medium when showcasing lectures and documentaries relevant to their curriculum.

  • An indoor sports arena. Activities in this area include chess, taekwondo, table tennis, and basketball.

  • Outdoor fields. For soccer and cricket players, international standard pitches are available for the student to practice and participate in inter-house competitions.

  • The Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values. The centre is where all the students earn the values essential to living in society responsibly. Students learn about Mahatma Gandhi's teachings on the importance of human values. Other aspects taught include yoga and meditation to nourish the spirit and soul.

  • Art and Performance rooms are also available onsite. Students get to explore their creative sides and put on productions for their peers and parents to see.

4.       Our pupils' success is our pride and joy

Aside from only educating the children, there are placement and career counselling programs for the outgoing grade 12 students. The school has a tie-up with most of the major universities across the globe. Through the university connect program, students and their parents can scope for different degree programs that cater to their career interests. Some of the links include UCLA, The National University of Singapore, and The London School of Economics.

The career counselling programs are run by qualified life coaches who guide students in making the correct decisions concerning their job selections. Students are assessed on competencies and enrolled in programs that nurture their natural talents and skills. Additional support is also available when it comes to university selection. Students can graduate with ready acceptance letters from prospective tertiary institutions.

5.       We are all about you and your child’s happiness

As one of the best schools in Noida, happiness is at the forefront of what we do. A student who is happy with their learning environment will perform significantly better as compared to their peers. Happiness audits occur every few months to gauge the overall levels across all stakeholders. Students, their parents, and faculty staff all partake in this process, which involves answering anonymous questionnaires online. Once the analysis of results is complete, remedial actions are put in place to ensure that they are excited by what they are doing.

Some of the policies already in place to promote happiness include;

  • Cleverly designs education environments that allow for natural light and proper ventilation. These building practices have allowed the school to attain various certifications concerning the buildings’ quality and carbon footprint.

  • Our all-inclusive curriculum that utilises the 9GEMS model allows for the holistic education of the child. A mix of both practical and theoretical education provides a healthy balance for the child and reduces stress. Participation in extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs are an excellent way of catharsis for the children.

  • The increased interaction between teachers and students results in stronger bonds across the entire campus. Behavioural assessments form part of the student recruitment process. This is essential as it prevents the infiltration of bad habits within the campus facility. The students freely interact with their teachers, even outside the classroom, allowing for a homey feeling.

  • Peer learning is also a part of the initiatives to create a happy environment. Students participate in group activities that promote social bonding and compassion for others. Regular participation in the universal values and skills program also helps promote a cohesive society on campus.

  • Students also have some leeway in determining their learning patterns. This promotes values such as leadership, self-reliance, and self-management. Every student is allowed to showcase what they are good at, and a learning plan is developed that best suits the individual.

6.       Parents are always involved

Parents are kept in the loop of every decision or event that happens within the school. An annual event calendar guides most activities, where parents can also participate as part of the wider community. Individual sessions between counsellors and parents also encourage parental participation in every student’s educational journey. Through the online portal and our app myGIIS, parents can keep abreast of important school information. The education of a child is a societal responsibility that should include parents, teachers, and counsellors.

7.       The safety and security of the children are of prime importance

Ensuring the safety of each faculty member is crucial in ensuring that the campus runs smoothly. A lot of investment has gone into providing state-of-the-art security measures to protect all the members on site. CCTV cameras adorn all common areas, and biometric locks control access to designated areas of the campus. Each member receives a microchipped identity card that allows them to move around on the campus. The card also gives security personnel visibility on where each individual is at any one time, meaning everyone is better protected.

Designated fire escapes and meeting points are all through the school’s property. Firefighting equipment is also available on campus and undergoes regular maintenance. Emergency drills also form part of the safety procedures. Students are taken through regular drills for them to know what to do during an emergency. A full-time medical nurse is available on the premises. Should any emergency occur, staff members and students can get the emergency first aid they need.

Education is no longer about theory alone. There are many more activities that can be beneficial for your child. Always look for a school that has a holistic approach to your child’s education. It may cost you a little extra, but the returns you get are immeasurable.

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