Who can undergo vitiligo surgery? What are the sundry types of treatment?

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Who can undergo vitiligo surgery? What are the sundry types of treatment?

Who can undergo vitiligo surgery? What are the sundry types of treatment?


Only those patients are considered eligible for undergoing vitiligo surgery who are facing either stable or segmental vitiligo that is particularly not responding to any medications and other less invasive treatment procedures. As we all know, vitiligo is a problem that makes the person feel embarrassed about their looks and consequently they develop psychosocial distress. Therefore, a Vitiligo surgery Hospital not only focuses on the patient to do away with the problem but also helps him to psychologically overcome this problem.


  • Which patients belonging to categories other than the vitiligo are considered eligible in undergoing vitiligo surgery?


The following patients who suffer from problems other than vitiligo are considered eligible in undergoing the surgical procedure;


  • Leukoderma because of the burns
  • Piebaldism
  • Inactive Discoid lupus erythematosus


  • How is vitiligo surgery carried out?

The surgical approach of the vitiligo treatment is based on the extraction of the healthy pigmentation cells from some part of the body of the patient and then the extracted cells are supposed to be transfused in the area which is to be treated.


  • Are there variegated ways to transplant the pigmentation cells in the afflicted area?

Yes, there are sundry methods by which the cells can be transfusion in the area to be treated. The choice of the method is taken up based on:

  • The dimensions of the vitiligo affected area.
  • The location of the afflicted area
  • The expectations of the patients
  • The experience and the skills of the surgeon who is treating the patient.


The customary grafting techniques which are ordinarily taken into account are listed as the following:


  • Punch grafts

In this procedure, the tissues of the donor zone are transplanted in the recipient zone.


  • Split thickness skin grafts

This stratagem involves the extraction of the skin grafts with the split-thickness from the donor area which is having well-pigmentation cells. These skin grafts are then implanted in the recipient zones consecutively.


  • Blister grafts

Blister grafting is a method that incorporates the generation of blisters in the epidermal layer. This phenomenon is carried out by exerting pressure on the skin which has normal pigmentation cells.


  • Cellular grafts

This procedure aims to transfuse the following:

  • Autologous cultured melanocytes
  • Non-cultured epidermal cells suspension
  • Co Cultured keratinocytes
  • Co Cultured melanocytes


  • Which complications are associated with vitiligo surgery?

Subsequent complications are associated with vitiligo surgery. But it is relevant to mention here that these complications will only come into existence if the treatment is performed by a non-skilled cosmetic surgeon. So let us get ahead with the list of the complications:


  • Infection in the treated area and the area adjoining it
  • Bleeding in the targeted area
  • The chances of hyperpigmentation rise if the treatment is not carried out by taking into account the preciseness of certain aspects


  • What are the precautionary measures that are to be followed in the recovery period?


  • First and foremost, the patient should avoid getting exposed to the scorching heat of the sun.
  • The use of sunscreen is a must whenever the need arises to get yourself revealed to the sunlight.

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