Learn The Basics Of GIIS Pune Global Citizen Scholarship for Grades 11th and 12th!

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Publish Date : 2021-03-01 10:19:02
Learn The Basics Of GIIS Pune Global Citizen Scholarship for Grades 11th and 12th!

Research suggests that the first scholarship was awarded by Harvard University back in 1643. The next scholarship was, however, developed in 1902 by Cecil John Rhodes in the United States. It’s commonly known as the Rhodes scholarship. However, in Asia, the concept of supporting the education of meritorious students existed, even though it was not as structured as its US counterparts. 

The history of scholarships may make it seem like only college students are eligible for scholarships, there are tons of scholarships available for high school and primary school students. Institutions have realize that bright students in these learning stages also need assistance to access high-value education. So, if you are searching for a scholarship for your child in grade 10 and going to grade 11, you are in luck. 

Today, we will take a more in-depth look at the prestigious  Global Citizen Scholarship at GIIS Pune available to grade 10 learners.

Global Citizen Scholarship

We live in a time where children must prepare to interact with citizens from all over the world. In fact, research has revealed that at least 18% of jobs available in the market today are remote jobs. This accounts for at least 4.3 million people of the entire workforce in the US alone. In India, a 2020 research shows that 88% of people prefer working from home. With such astonishing numbers, it makes sense to prepare children for possible remote work, where they will interact with people from diverse backgrounds.

This is what the Global Citizen Scholarship at GIIS Pune does. It helps prepare your child to attend any university across the globe and become a global citizen that can fit into any culture easily. Your child learns to select an undergraduate program of their choice and to follow their passion.

What does the scholarship cover?

The Global Citizen Scholarship is a full scholarship for school students. Your child will have their education and boarding expenses covered in full. This means you will not need to pay anything to the school for your child to study, which alleviates the financial burden of high-quality education from your shoulders.

Now, children interested in this scholarship must be in grade 10 to qualify, so your child is right on time for the application as the two year scholarship is applicable for grade 11 or 12.

As mentioned, your child will either get a full or partial scholarship covering 100% or 75% of the tuition and boarding fees. This means the scholarship covers Gross fees, which will also include any bus fees, overseas trips, and any other activity your child will be involved in during their studies. The local education authority must permit all trips.


Typically, your child has a few chances to apply and garner this prestigious scholarship. They will qualify for the full scholarship or come in for a partial scholarship if they didn’t make the eligibility cut for a 100% fee waiver. Let’s look at this in detail, so you know exactly what to expect.

School curriculum: State board students, CBSE, ICSE, state curriculum, IGCSE, GCSE, “O” Levels students These curriculums are common in all categories, so make sure your child is taking one of them before sending in your application.

Category A: Full Scholarship

Children who get full scholarships must have at least 94.0% and higher in all their subjects. They should also be studying under one of the curriculums mentioned above. If they are taking IGCSE or GCSE, they should have an A* in all the subjects (usually 9.)

Your child can contend if they have an 85% score. However, the board reserves the right to award the scholarship to the most deserving students in the category.

Category B: Partial Scholarship

Children who score anything between 93% and 94% can apply for this category. Although it’s not a full scholarship, you are assured of a 75% waiver off the tuition fee and boarding fees. Like category A, children with an 85% score and above are encouraged to apply. Remember, children studying under IGCSE and GCSE must have at least 8 A*’s in their exams.

Other eligibility criteria to meet

Please note that State board, ICSE, and CBSE students must have an 85% score in Grade 9 annual exams. Besides this, they must have at least a 90% score in pre board examinations to be eligible.

If your child is under the IGCSE curriculum, they should have 7A*’s or more in their 9th standard exams and score at least 8A*’s in their class 10 pre board exams. American, public board, and other board students should have the equivalent of 85% plus in class 10 pre board exams.

Once your child is awarded the scholarship, it can’t be transferred or exchanged with another scholarship within GIIS. If they are awarded the scholarship midyear, then this period is calculated as the first academic year.

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