King of Styles: 6 Best-Dressed Celebrities in 2021

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Publish Date : 2021-02-25 13:16:22
King of Styles: 6 Best-Dressed Celebrities in 2021

The way we dress is constantly changing as times are also changing. The old rules of fashion we all follow before are out of the window now, and brand new ones are still being created. This only means that when it comes to fashion, there's no single way to do things anymore. 

This is a good thing because it only means that everyone is free to do whatever we like and even get playful with it. However, it can be a bit overwhelming. 

If you want to break the rules but are scared to do it, what can you do? Well, you may get inspiration from the best-dressed celebrities in the world. If you're ready, then here are some of the best and well-dressed celebrities in 2021: 


Tyler The Creator

Photo by Billboard


Tyler the Creator not only made a name in the world of music but also in fashion. He's known to tone things down in 2019. He went big on knitwear, sleeveless sweaters, and cardigans. Of course, his pastel-laden collaboration with the luxury brand, Lacoste. One of the best looks he rocked was the pink mohair-style cardigan which was seen at work at the French Open. 

Tyler likes to continue wearing his preppy casual outfits, usually dressing like Carlton from Fresh Prince and skatewear Arnold Palmer, which looks really good. This guy has changed the views of what is normally expected from a rapper to wear (streetwear) by inserting his alter-ego character. You can also do the same! 


Zac Efron

Photo by Esquire


I'm sure most of you notice how Zac plays with different hairstyles. He pulled off a surprising white bleach at the beginning of the year. He grabbed our attention long before his character as a serial killer, Ted Bundy got everyone talking about it. 

Obviously, if you're this crazy good-looking, you can explore and take risks with your style, but the good thing with Efron is when he dresses, he's not the trying-hard type. He always goes back to the classics such as denim jackets, slim-fit two pieces. There is plenty of experimentation going on right now in menswear but of course, we have to say that the old ones still remain on top. 


Lebron James

Photo by Nice Kicks


King James is also recognized in the world of fashion when it comes to his remarkable tailored fits! Just look at his Thom Browne short suit he wore in 2018, he used that chance to communicate his political beliefs at a time when not everyone can't take a stand. Aside from that, Lebron's statement shirts also are rocking and they happen to appear rad while they're doing it. 


Harry Styles 

Photo by GQ


For most fashion gurus, the one word they describe this man's style is "delightful." This is not only about his magical knitwear, flared trousers, and confidence that make music and fashion fans around the world smile at him, although this is true also, he is looking like he's truly having so much fun with his outfits, nails, and almost everything else. When you are dressing up, you don't always have to be serious. Take some inspiration from this guy and achieve enjoyment which is also important. 


Jamal Adams

Photo by Terez Owens


It looks like a lot of fashionable people are athletes! There is no doubt about that. Take Jamal Adams for example who always stands out by looking as if he is wearing the clothes and not at the same time. Fashion can be an art too and he did that by wearing a Jaws statement sweater by Raf Simons Calvin Klein 205W39NYC—plus the Fragment x Air Jordan 3's and forming it into a look that feels comfy and approachable. 



Photo by Revolt TV 


It looks like this talented guy can both do streetwear and tailoring with the best of 'em, however, Offset's almost unbelievable skill is the ability to wear the weirdest thing out there, whether it has wacky prints, patterns, and colours from the similarities of cult Japanese label Kapital, and appear completely comfortable in it. Offset proved that anything is possible when you give it a try or experiment.

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