International student’s admission guide for University of Michigan

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International student’s admission guide for University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is home to a diverse community of international students at undergraduate and graduate levels. One can find a combination of excellence and opportunities under one roof. The University represents international applicants from more than 120 countries. The reasons for such a higher number are excellency and friendly environment. This article is a guide for those international students who are seeking admission at the University of Michigan. Read on if you are one of them.

Admission guidelines:

The institute has a high competition level, making it a tough place to get into. It has the lowest rate of acceptance, only 23%.  With this in mind, international students need to be highly competitive and excellent in their academics. Following are some of the admission requirements of the school for international students.

How to Apply:

The application process for international applicants is almost the same as the local students, except for a few differences. These differences may be in the SAT score or GPA requirements. The criteria vary for different students, depending on their origin country and the type of transcript they are holding. Following is a detailed step-wise process for international students to submit their applications.

1. Application form:

The first and foremost important step which requires due attention is the application form. Students need to fill this carefully since no changes are accepted later on. For a carefully filled application form, you need to seek the guidance of educational consultants in Islamabad. Students can apply using two formats, Common Application Form and Coalition Application Form. Both the forms will have several questions to be answered. Moreover, there is no major benefit of choosing one over the other.

2. Application Fee:

Along with a carefully filled form, students are required to deposit a fee of $75. The amount is non-refundable. NO application will be entertained without the application fee.

3. SAT/ ACT Score:

Another admission requirement is the submission of SAT or ACT scores to the school. The institute also accepts PSAT scores. Either of the results is subjected to their availability. In case there is no PSAT or SAT, GPA is assessed. Following is a detailed breakdown of SAT and GPA requirements, which students should carefully go through.

  • SAT Score: The first admission criteria at the school is SAT score. The test is critical since 63% of the students submit SAT scores to the University. SAT takers who fall under the top 9% of the entire pool are usually granted admission. On a scale of 1600, applicants need to get at least 1440 on average. This is a higher percentage for any admission test, making this school top-ranked in the town. International students are required to submit SAT score to the institute as a criterion for admission.
  • GPA Requirements: The University also accepts students whose marking is based GPA system. The minimum required GPA for admission is 3.82, which is quite high. International students must be with exceptionally good grades to get enrollment.

4. School Report:

The University of Michigan asks for a detailed school report as a part of the admission application form. The report must include information about the previous academic records and transcripts of the applicants.

5. Teacher Evaluation form:

International applicants should submit ONE teacher evaluation report to the school as part of their application. The evaluator must be the academic teacher or someone who knows the students’ academic performance, aptitude and potential.

6. Recommendation Letter:

The inclusion of a recommendation letter will strengthen the case of an international student. The school does not necessarily require this but is highly encouraged. To make the case stronger, students should submit one at the time of application.

7. Documents Required:

Arranging the necessary documents is a process that most of the students find tidy. If you miss out on one paper, you will end up losing the chance of getting admission. The best way to ensure successful submission of documents is by consulting the education consultants in Islamabad. Students will have to submit high school transcript(s) to the institute. English translation is necessary for those documents which are prepared in a language other than English.

8. English Language Proficiency:

Students who speak English as a second language need to submit their English proficiency score. The University accepts tests like IELTS, TOEFL and MET.

Note: International students can apply for financial aids offered by the school. There are several aids available. However, international students who are applying for a temporary visa are not eligible for any scholarship opportunity.

Why hire the services of Expert Education consultants?

Applying for foreign universities is a hill-climbing process, and students often get off track. To ensure a fruitful application process for different universities, the services of expert consultants are mandatory. A wise word from them can make your way easy for admission at your dream institute.

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