How pre-wedding teeth whitening procedure is beneficial for an improved smile?

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Publish Date : 2021-03-11 13:56:20
How pre-wedding teeth whitening procedure is beneficial for an improved smile?

How pre-wedding teeth whitening procedure is beneficial for an improved smile?

Most of the time, the patients visit the dental clinic in Ludhiana, to get their teeth to whiten. But do you know you can get it done before the wedding? Your D-day is coming near and you want to look radiant. Most importantly you have to smile through the photos. If you are going to get married, then you should also visit your dentist in Ludhiana, to get the teeth whitening procedure and make your smile perfect.


What is involved in the teeth whitening procedure?

At the dental clinic, the teeth whitening procedure is done, and that too on the annual basis. The teeth will become white around 6 shades in just one hour or it is also your preference.         


Get it done 2 to 3 weeks before the wedding                         

To see the best results you should get your teeth whitened before the wedding for at least 2 to 3 weeks. This is because there might be sensitivity which can get normal by that time. Although the treatment will not result in any pain.


Increased sensitivity

Following the procedure, the sensitivity to drinking cold liquids will increase. The feeling of discomfort can be reduced with a desensitizing agent.


How is the procedure done?

Initially, the dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide solution. After that, a beam with high intensity will be used so that the whitening effect is possible on the gel. In total, the procedure will take one hour to complete and later you will be sent home with custom-made trays and this helps in maintaining the teeth whiteness.


After the treatment

● Following treatment, the enamel pores are open, so you must be careful about the food you eat. Make sure that you do not drink red wine, tea, and coffee as it stains the teeth.

● One day before the wedding, you should give extra cleaning to the teeth. From the custom-made tray, you should apply the whitening gel as suggested by the dentist. The next day, you wake up, the teeth will be bright and white, just the way you want.

Well! The procedure is beneficial for the groom and bride. It is your big day and when you are getting photographed you need to look your best. Make sure that you smile and do not hide your teeth. When you can make your teeth white, then why not get the benefit of it on time.


Why do you get your teeth whitened?

Well! You have everything: the perfect dress, wedding cake design, perfect setup, and all your near & dear ones to celebrate this time. To make your overall wedding experience the best, you should get to teeth whitened and some of the major reasons to do this are:

● The pictures you will get clicked will be with you for a lifetime and you want to look the best. Sometimes the candids are clicked and you don’t want to show the yellow teeth.

● You are going to many people for the first time. You don't have anyone to judge you on your looks. Take care of yourself and smile away on everyone.

Most importantly, with those bright white teeth, confidence will automatically radiate on your face. For more information, contact our doctor.

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