10 Crucial Features for an On-Demand App Development

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Publish Date : 2021-02-25 10:40:21
10 Crucial Features for an On-Demand App Development

The On-Demand App Development is reshaping customer service and global businesses. Nowadays everyone wants access to services at their fingertips. If you are looking to grow as a business, then providing on-demand services is a perfect choice for your business. They are not only convenient but also very accessible. On-demand app solutions bridge the gap between customers and businesses. According to studies 86.5 million Americans have used an on-demand service. Therefore, on-demand applications are bringing more innovation to the mobile app development market.

What is an On-Demand App?

Applications like Uber, Airbnb, Uber-eats are on-demand services apps since they connect users with various service providers on demand. They offer a faster and much more convenient way to request the services at a small fee. These apps are solving major problems. Along with helping companies generate more revenue, they are making customers happier with fast service delivery since users can get everything that they want at their doorsteps whether it is food, ride-sharing, beauty, healthcare, delivery, shopping, etc. You name it!

On-demand App Design and Development

An on-demand service requires customized mobile application solutions for gaining a competitive edge. Hence, on-demand app development companies are providing cutting-edge solutions to support flexible platforms such as iOS and Android users alike. Although their benefits are plentiful, they mean very little if people are not satisfied with the features and functionalities. Below are some of the most important features that you should consider before developing your on-demand mobile application.


Have separate panels/ accounts for both customers and the vendors. Which they can manage using their email and password. Make sure to give multiple sign-in options such as sign in through Gmail, phone number, social accounts, etc. for convenience.

Booking/ Ordering

Offering options to schedule or order services according to their time and location or else the on demand mobile app development is pointless without this feature because the entire point is to facilitate and enable users to book for services straight from the smartphones using mobile applications.


On demand applications should have proper security since it involves online payments. Customers are required to add their sensitive credit/ debit card details to avail of the services. Make the users trust your app by offering robust verification processes and safe payment getaways.

Push Notifications

Notifications play a crucial role since they act as an in-built marketing tool. You can send discounts, offers, and promotions to reach a broader set of the audience without having to spend additional or unnecessary costs. Moreover, timely notification about the delivery also keeps customers informed and customer service smooth sailing.

Payment Gateways

Offering multiple payment gateways is a win-win situation. Since not everyone likes paying through a debit or credit card. Therefore, giving multiple flexible options can improve customer experience. They can choose the option that they deem fit without having to second guess about security.

Live Tracking

Adding a live tracking feature to your on-demand app development can be very beneficial for your business as well as your customers as it can be very reassuring to your users since they can keep track of their delivery status throughout the day. Customers can know the exact location of their order along with the estimated delivery time through online maps.


On-demand applications should enable users to give feedback or leave a review. This way they can make you aware of any improvement or future suggestions. Moreover, customers rely on other customers who have already used the application, for their feedback. Positive comments not only help businesses to get more customers but also builds trust and credibility. Let your customers know that their opinion matters by providing them a dedicated section where they can express themselves.

Live Support

Be available online when your customers need you. They should be able to reach out to your support service in case of emergencies through a live chat system. Therefore, integrate live support with your platform and have a separate section for FAQs.


Through favorites or wish-lists users can save products that they wish to buy in the future without losing them since newer products are added to the lists every day.


Search Functionality allows the customers to search for a service or product that they are looking for, instantly. You can also accommodate voice search interfaces since it is trending and is more convenient than typing in queries.

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