How are coworking spaces bridging the gender gap?

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Publish Date : 2021-02-25 11:20:49
How are coworking spaces bridging the gender gap?

Coworking spaces are transforming the work environment, specifically for women. The gender gap has always been a pressing issue in traditional offices, leaving numerous female workers uneasy at work. Women still struggle to make a mark in male-dominant office culture. Solutions are coming forth as we advance in the digital era. Shared offices are now offering women space that they can call their own. Benefits like long-lasting relations and a supportive environment are offering them great chances to rejoice. This article will explain why women should opt for serviced offices.  Are you thinking about choosing one? Give this piece a go for a prompt decision.

A coworking office is women-centric:

Women have always been victims of gender bias and stereotypes. Earning a mark in a male-dominant environment with family and kids to look after is a hard nut to crack. Things have changed immensely now. One can now see a notable change in the workplaces concerning dealing with female workers. Shared offices are based on a female-centric approach, giving them a place to work comfortably.

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Women-focused facilities:

Serviced offices can greatly serve female entrepreneurs and freelancers by offering unparalleled services. Such facilities are not less than a blessing for those with kids and require isolated workplaces. Let's dive straight into the opportunities without any further ado.

1. Separate office area:

Issues like harassment and sexual abuse arise when men and women are sitting too close in the office. The culture is greatly opposed by shared offices that provide isolated space to them. For someone who is easily distracted by the noise around or feels uncomfortable sitting at the same table with men, these offices are a great option. Shift to coworking space Dubai and enjoy a customized office of yours.

2. Flexible Workspace:

Workspace flexibility makes more sense when someone cares for extra activities other than office work. Rolling back a few years, women had to leave their kids at home while going to work. The trend has changed now, and modern workspaces are offering flexibility to women with kids. You can bring kids with their necessary tools to the office since you will be sitting in a separate office.

3. Space for women entrepreneurs:

When compared to their counterparts, female entrepreneurs struggle more in entrepreneurship. The reason behind this struggle is that the business environment has always been men-oriented. However, things are turning around now. Serviced spaces are fueling the ventures and start-ups of women and make them feel that they belong. Adding to space, women entrepreneurs also get the support and convenience required to smooth their new business.

4. Space for freelancers:

Working from home is easy but is equally distracting with kids at home. Female freelancers are facing a common woe of lacking their workspace. But they don't have to worry anymore. Serviced space offices are now offering separate places for freelancers to facilitate their online living. Benefits like flexibility, affordability and a distraction-free environment are too attractive to resist. Female freelancers can also have access to useful connections with other freelancers, which can help their cause.

5. Isolated conference rooms:

It is hard for women to attend meetings and conferences that are male-dominant. Such events must be comfortable for everyone to sit in. coworking offices are now offering ladies the opportunity to have their isolated meeting and conferencing area. Be it a women-only meeting or a mixed gathering; they can access separate spaces. In the latter case, the management will provide video conferencing facilities to assist females in participating in the event.

6. Space for maternal needs:

Mothers with infant babies can have access to private rooms to feed and serve their kids. Speaking of traditional offices, they lack such facilities where women feel uncomfortable. Owing to this problem, serviced workspaces took a step and introduced private lactation rooms for new mothers.

7. Special Discounts for female workers:

 Owing to the statement of this article, this point sounds equally supportive. Coworking space Dubai offices are greatly helping women shape their lives on their terms. From workspace flexibility to cost-effective solutions, these spaces are great for ladies. Another women-oriented approach most of these spaces take is the special discount for female workers. The sole reason behind this strategy is to encourage the female community and bridge the gender gap.

8. Female aesthetic preferences:

Some of the spaces are designed to catch the attraction of women. The use of feminine colors is a strong indication of "women are welcome." Although not specified, there are still generalized categories of colors that appeal to female tastes. The use of such aesthetics intends to motivate lady workers.

Design your work life at serviced offices!

The benefits of coworking spaces are countless, yet this piece discussed enough to cover your needs. With a great work-life balance, women can go more productive at such spots. Opt for these spaces and see your work life more colorful and prolific.

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