Contract components to look at when working with building companies

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Publish Date : 2021-03-10 07:26:01
Contract components to look at when working with building companies

The world is still under the impact of coronavirus's great pandemic—especially in the home and commercial construction industry. The past year that is in 2020, the construction industry was booming with newer building companies. Still, every aspect of construction contracts and development blew away, thanks to the worldwide spread of COVID-19. All the non-essential, such as residential and commercial space construction, were shut down. However, in the current times, project owners as well as house builders, Wellington are considering proactive and specific control mechanisms addressing the unique risks and impacts through drafting contracts beforehand and maintaining health standards. 


As a homeowner, who is about to indulge in a contract with building companies sharing their needs and wants for a custom-built home, it is vital to look at the new contracts. A proactive way to figure out project risks is to review the force majeure, emergencies, cost increases, supply chain disruptions, labour or material disruptions, insurance and everything else. The only difference this time will be that everything on the paper would specifically refer to the pandemic. Here are a few aspects that need to be mandatorily looked at in a residential construction project by building companies. 



This section contains agreed-upon work the contractor will be performing. Information is inclusive of municipal or other permits, equipment, materials, furnishing the labour, and other necessary services to complete the construction of a home. The section also asks for attaching the house's drawings or plans and specifications. 



Adding a schedule is a must. Make sure that the lines define the beginning of the construction, the schedule that the contractors will follow, and the day the construction of your home will end. However, the time extension can be granted if the cause is:


  • Bad weather

  • Labour strikes

  • Payment delays 

  • Changes or addition in the scope of work 

  • Inspection delays

  • Other uncontrollable reasons (external factors)



This section includes the details about what, when, and how the homeowner will complete payments. A payment schedule is a must because the contractors are likely to rely on the homeowner's funds for completing the construction in a timely manner. The details include pre-construction payment, regular payments thereafter and the last payment when the work gets completed. 


Dispute resolution 

No matter how strong your relations are with the home builders, there are always some chances of disputes. Thus, the contacts need to bind an arbitration along with. Arbitration is less expensive and less formal, making it an affordable solution for dispute problems. 

Attorney Fees 

The contract includes the provisions of attorney fees—the section states who will pay the fees in case of a dispute. 


Provision of contract default 

The contract should also include the terms and conditions when there is a breach of contract by either party. The section defines how to assert your rights in case of violation. In other words, these are some quick fixes or cure to the problem of defaultment. 


Although, if you plan to work with house builders Wellington, these aspects are already counted in the contract, providing ease of dealing and completing the dream home project on time. On the other hand, if you choose other building companies, make sure that these components are mentioned with all the valid details. 

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